Community Involvement

Everyone at Advanced Family Dentistry feels lucky to work in such a great community. We all feel a sense of loyalty to the people in our area and are committed to giving back to help Delaware County continue to be great places to live and work. We are very proud of our team members and our doctors for dedicating themselves and their time to these causes that are very special to them. Some of the different ways that we get involved in our community are seen below. Please feel free to learn more about these great causes.

For more information about Community Involvement or to schedule a consultation with David R. Stagge, DDS and Sherry A. Stagge, DDS, call our office in Muncie, IN at Advanced Family Dentistry of Muncie Phone Number 765-287-7000.


Picture of the staff and communityEvery year our office sponsors a toy drive that directly benefits the children and people of our community. Every fall our conference rooms turn into wonderful rooms that fill up with toys. In time for the holidays we collect hundreds of toys that we donate to children in need in Delaware County. We cannot thank the people who contribute to this event enough: We have many generous patients who drop off toys, we have members of the community, who are not patients, contribute toys, our team members give toys as well as their time in shopping for and delivering toys, as well as our doctors. We collect and donate hundreds of toys each year! It is one of our favorite times of year at Advanced Family Dentistry!

Our toys and money that we collect during the year have directly affected our community by providing toys and necessary items for the following organizations:

 Picture of the staff and community
 Picture of the staff and community


Dr. Sherry Stagge formed this as a way for the doctors’ children and the children of our team members to get involved in charitable giving. It was her hope that by involving the children in these events at a young age it would instill in them a lifetime of wanting to get involved and giving back (and from the results it has definitely worked!).

These children, along with their parents, have raised toys for needy children during the holidays, they have raised money and have participated in several walks in the community that have benefited different organizations, and they have volunteered time in nursing homes to spend time with people who do not have family members.

Picture of the staff and community

The organization has come up with unique ways to raise funds for deserving people and organizations including a bake sale and a rummage sale, both held at our office. They also sell a cookbook that has recipes compiled from our team members to raise money for their giving. All money from the sale of these books goes directly to the fund and is a great way to share new recipes. The fund is now fully funded and is ready to allocate the money collected to deserving organizations that will have a lasting impact on our community for many years to come.

We are very proud of all of these children for their wonderful efforts!


Our doctors and many team members, along with their families, support many local organizations by volunteering their time. Some of the organizations they support are:


We would be happy to discuss any of these wonderful organizations with anyone interested in learning more about them.


Picture of the staff and communityWe have hosted a blood drive at our office. Indiana Blood Center provided the facility that they brought to our parking lot. Our wonderful doctors, team members, patients, and people in the community supplied the most important part: their time and their much needed blood for central Indiana patients! Our doctors and team members continue to give to this wonderful and much needed cause on a regular basis


Give Kids a Smile is a national day each year where dentists donate their time, their equipment, and the supplies to give children dental care at no charge. The children receiving this dental care are typically children who do not receive routine dental care due to finances or a lack of dentist, for several reasons. We have participated in this wonderful event in the past and look forward to participating in the future.


This is a program where dentists volunteer to participate, donating their time, equipment, and supplies to provide dental work to adult patients at no charge. These are patients who cannot afford dental treatment for a variety of reasons. We have had the pleasure to be involved with this organization for several years and have had the pleasure to help many wonderful people, giving them back their smiles, their oral health, and their confidence.

For more information about Community Involvement or to schedule a consultation with David R. Stagge, DDS and Sherry A. Stagge, DDS, call our office in Muncie, IN at Advanced Family Dentistry of Muncie Phone Number 765-287-7000.


We love meeting members of our community and we find great satisfaction in participating in several community health fairs each year. It gives us a chance to see our patients outside of the office, to meet new people, to connect with other local health care providers, and to provide important information to the people of Delaware and Madison counties. If you see us at a health fair please stop by to say hi!


Advanced Family Dentistry is a proud supporter of local athletics, as well as local organizations. We have given support to Ball State Athletics and the Cardinal Swim Club. We also support St Mary’s Church and local booster clubs.