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Rendering of jaw with dental implant from Advanced Family Dentistry in Muncie, INYou should visit Advanced Family Dentistry for all your dental implant needs after the loss of a tooth. Many people know about dentures and bridges as ways of dealing with teeth loss. However, technology has improved so you can get implants, which are much better options for many cases. Implants are metallic posts that resemble screws that our dentists install into your jawbone to mimic the roots of your teeth. These posts help in enabling you to receive either permanent or temporary teeth replacements so you can have normal-looking teeth where you lost some.

Implants are a great alternative if you cannot have a bridge. They look and feel just as real as natural teeth, making them a better option. There are different types of implants available, and the procedure for installing it is different depending on the model you choose. It is also important to note that it may take several appointments over a long period to complete this procedure, leaving you with the appearance of a healthy full set of teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery

The process involves a surgical procedure since the implants need to be installed into your jawbone. There are two types of implants that we can install, that is the endosteal and subperiosteal. The endosteal implants are placed in the jawbone, so it is deeper. The implants are usually made of titanium, and it is done in steps due to its nature; however, it is the preferred option. Our dentists may recommend subperiosteal if you do not have a healthy jawbone. This implant is usually placed in the gums but above the jawbone.

The procedure may take up to several months to be completed since the jawbone needs to heal into the implants before you can get the teeth replacements. However, once the gum and jawbone heal completely, you will be able to enjoy a realistic alternative that allows you to function as if you have natural teeth. Besides restoring functionality, dental implants are also a great way to recover a full smile where natural teeth could not be saved. This aesthetic benefit helps boost confidence and appearance.

Healing the Implants

Complete healing, especially for the endosteal implants, can take anything from a couple of weeks to months. Our dentists will advise you on what to do so as not to harm the healing gum. Usually, you should not irritate the area since this may lengthen the healing time and cause an infection. However, you should expect some discomfort and even swelling a few days after the surgery. This is normal, and you will have medication to take care of it.

Once the gum and jawbone have healed, our dentists will screw on the abutment. This is the part where the dentist will attach the replacement tooth. The procedure is straightforward, and you should not have any complications if you follow our dentist’s instructions.

If you have any concerns about comfort or fit, our team can help make whatever adjustments that will make you feel like you never lost a tooth. To find out if you qualify for dental implants, call us at Advanced Family Dentistry at (765) 287-5338 to book an appointment.

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Many people know about dentures and bridges as ways of dealing with teeth loss. However, technology has improved so you can get implants, which are much better options for many cases.
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