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Woman talking to dentist during dental examAs part of our standard care routine, our team at Advanced Family Dentistry highly recommends that all of our patients make sure to come in for scheduled exams. When you visit our office for your dental exam, we will take a thorough look at your teeth and gums. This may include imaging such as advanced x-rays or other diagnostic procedures. You should check up on your dental health at least every six months to catch any problems early and receive the necessary treatment. We advise all of our patients to never wait until a problem begins to come in for an exam. Here is a brief explanation of how and why dental exams are important to protect your ongoing dental health.

Who Needs a Dental Exam?

Everyone benefits from regular examination of their dental health. For dentistry for kids, it is important that we check the progress of incoming permanent teeth to make sure they are growing properly. For adults, diagnosing any issues with the teeth or gums can prevent major (and costly) interventions in the future. For the elderly, monitoring the function of dentures or other implants can help ensure long-term dental health. If you have not had a dental exam at our office in the last six months, then you should contact us to make an appointment.

What is Involved in a Dental Exam?

A routine dental exam includes a tooth cleaning and examination of the teeth and gums. Our dentists will check for any problems. Common diagnoses, especially for those patients who have gone extended periods without an exam, include cavities and periodontitis (gum disease). If we suspect a problem but cannot tell with a visual examination, we may recommend imaging tests like digital x-rays that allow for a better assessment of internal hard and soft tissue structures.

During your visit, we will go over your lifestyle and dietary habits that may affect your dental health. As a result, we may recommend certain changes such as reduced sugar consumption or quitting nicotine, as well as providing resources that may help with these changes. Preventive care is a key part of our holistic approach to dentistry.

Why Should You Regularly Schedule Dental Exams?

Maintaining optimal dental health is not just important for strong teeth and gums – a healthy mouth can also promote overall health throughout your body. For example, unchecked bacterial growth in the gums may enter the bloodstream and affect your cardiovascular health. For this reason, dental exams are important for cosmetic appearances like vibrant teeth and gums, for functional health including chewing and speaking, as well as for your general well-being. Regular exams also help us check for early signs of oral cancer. It is important to understand the health implications of dental conditions, which we will discuss in detail when you visit our clinic for your check-up.

When you are ready to schedule your routine dental exam with our trusted dentists, get in touch with us at Advanced Family Dentistry at (765) 287-5338. We will set a time that is convenient for you and go over all payment options, including checking on what your insurer can cover. Our goal is to get you not just a bright smile, but a healthy one too.

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