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Rendering of teeth with 3 different filling materialsOur team at Advanced Family Dentistry is ever ready to help find a solution to your tooth problems. Dental fillings are performed to help occupy spaces or holes left behind after a drilling exercise. We typically discover and diagnose the need for fillings during your regular dental exam.

Although the procedure is mostly executed to fill a cavity, there are several other reasons that could lead to the need for it. The most common one is to repair a broken tooth or one with a crack. When teeth are worn down because of such actions as tooth grinding and nail biting, a filling may be needed.

Types of Cavity Fillings

There are numerous available options for patients in need of tooth filling. When you visit our dentist, you will be able to get help concerning the best type of filling for you. Let us look at some popular options, and what makes them differ from one another. Being familiar with the variety of options available could help you make better decisions depending on aesthetic needs, cost, and longevity.

The types of substances used for fillings tend to differ most in terms of color and strength. The commonly used fillings are composite and amalgam or silver fillings. Although there are other options such as metal, gold, glass, and ceramic, they are not as popular with the masses.

Composite fillings, also referred to as filled resins, are a combination of quartz as well as glass. They can be designed to correspond to the color of your teeth. They are moderately durable and can work well with back teeth that are used for chewing functions.

Ceramic fillings can be a suitable choice too. Made from porcelain material, it is the same color as normal tooth. The substance resists stains, allowing you to maintain your normal diet without fear of discoloration. The only downside is that it can be an expensive option.

How Tooth Filings Are Done

After you check into our facility, our office dentist will perform an oral exam. After that, the tooth to be filled will be numbed using anesthesia. The next process is the removal of the decayed area using an abrasion gadget. The area is then checked to ensure it is free from any kind of decay. Afterward, the material for filling is applied to the tooth before it is shaped. Once this process is complete, the edges of the tooth are trimmed to satisfaction.

When professionally crafted, a filling can come out very beautifully. For more information in regards to fillings, feel free to contact us any time at Advanced Family Dentistry at (765) 287-5338.

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Our team at Advanced Family Dentistry is ready to help find a solution to your dental problems. There are numerous available options for patients in need of tooth filling.
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