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Young girl brushing her teeth after dental checkup at Advanced Family Dentistry in Muncie IN 47304-5206At all Advanced Family Dentistry clinics, we treat patients of all ages, including those in the critical period of childhood. Making sure that teeth are developing properly sets the stage for lifelong dental health. When you entrust your children’s care to our professional staff, we take the time and effort needed to deliver the best possible care for your child in a warm, welcoming environment. When you and your child visit our clinic for dental care, we take the time to engage them, establish a relationship, and build a positive environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

What is Dentistry for Kids and How Are We Qualified to Provide it?

Pediatric dentistry is the specialized practice of care focused on developing children. It differs from dentistry for adults in a number of ways. Our dentists receive advanced training, specifically for treating children's dental issues, promoting their dental health, and are specially certified for this. Our pediatric dentists who will care for your child have completed further education beyond dental school, which makes them uniquely qualified to treat your children’s dental issues effectively and safely.

Dental Care Concerns for Children

As with adult dentistry, childhood dentistry includes diagnosing cavities and other dental problems common across the lifespan. However, in children, monitoring the development and growth of the jaw, gums, and teeth has implications for their long-term wellbeing as they age.

For all children who visit our clinic, we recommend fluoride treatment at least every six months to maintain the strength and integrity of their teeth. Sealant treatments, for kids who may not be the best at practicing regular care of their teeth, can close off hard-to-reach areas deep between the teeth and in the gums that your child may miss while brushing, The application of crowns, dental fillings, and other remedies for cavities is similar to those that we perform with adult patients, with extra efforts to provide emotional comfort and support during the process for children who may be fearful of visiting the dentist.

How Do We Meet the Challenges of Dentistry for Kids?

For a variety of reasons, children are particularly vulnerable to dental problems. Children are often more likely to consume sweets containing large amounts of sugar and less likely to practice optimal hygiene on their own.

Understandably, many children are fearful of the dentist. They may fear pain or be apprehensive about the dental tools of our dentists. We understand that and have built a friendly environment where your children can relax while we care for their teeth. Our goal is to be as sensitive as possible to the emotional challenges that your child might face when visiting our clinic. Our hygienists, dentists, and staff are all trained to calm a worried child and minimize pain. We have several methods of anesthesia, allowing you and your child to choose the best one for them should it be required.

Our specially trained dentists and staff go the extra mile to create a welcoming environment where your child receives the quality care they require in a kid-friendly environment. To schedule your child’s appointment, contact us at Advanced Family Dentistry at (765) 287-5338 today.

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Pediatric dentistry is the specialized practice of care focused on developing children. Visit Advanced Family Dentistry for patient-centered care for your child!
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