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Rendering of removable partial denture provided by Advanced Family Dentistry in Muncie IN 47304-5206 For a convenient and removable replacement for missing teeth, we at Advanced Family Dentistry recommend the use of dentures. A commonplace sight amongst the elderly, dentures offer the ability to make up for missing teeth, without the need for invasive procedures to create support. Complete dentures are used to cover an entire row of missing or removed teeth, while partial dentures fill in smaller gaps.

How Dentures Work

Complete dentures come in two variations. Immediate dentures can be placed right after teeth have been removed, helping to protect the gums. Because of the trauma to gums and the space created after the removal of teeth, it can take some time before the area is fully recovered. It can take as much as four months for the gums to shrink to a permanent level. This means that for immediate dentures to fit well, several visits to our clinic would be needed for adjustments to be made.

The other option is conventional dentures that are fitted over already healed gums. Immediate dentures are typically used temporarily during the healing process before conventional dentures are fitted for permanent use.

Partial dentures are usually made up of replacement teeth fixed onto a gum-colored plastic base. The base can be made up of a metal framework that holds the denture in its appropriate position in the mouth. We can also provide you with a fixed partial denture that is made up of crowns and artificial teeth cemented in place like with a bridge.

Benefits of Dentures

While often associated with older people, dentures can still be a viable solution for tooth loss due to traumatic injury and dental illnesses like periodontal disease. With tooth loss, there is the problem of bite becoming crooked. Without other teeth next door to support each other, teeth can begin to shift. This can affect everything from oral hygiene to the ability to chew and speak properly. Dentures are constructed to restore a fully straightened smile and allow for normal use of the artificial teeth, as you would use natural teeth. Although it is worth noting there may be a few restrictions on what to eat as dentures are not as firmly placed as other restorative treatments that are supported by dental implants.

Dentures are designed to ensure a natural look. The plastic base is gum colored and the artificial teeth natural tooth colored. This helps give a full natural-looking smile that restores confidence and reduces social awkwardness. Where many teeth go missing, or fall out, there is less support for soft tissues and the mouth area, in particular, can end up collapsing inwards. This makes a person look ill and older than they are.

Another key benefit that makes dentures stand out from more extensive restorative work is the ability to more easily and thoroughly clean the teeth. Because they are removable, you can do this when they are out and be surer of having removed all food debris. If there are some remaining natural teeth in place, having dentures in can help to protect them from excessive wear and tear.

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Advanced Family Dentistry can help with dentures that offer the ability to make up for missing teeth, without the need for invasive procedures for support.
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