Periodontal Maintenance
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Diagram of periodontitis and health toothYou can expect the best at our Advanced Family Dentistry clinic when it comes to your periodontal maintenance that is required and recommended by our dentists. We perform periodontal maintenance to patients who have already received treatment. The treatment usually involves therapy to take care of any gum infection in our patients. Gum infection is not quick to treat, which is why our dentists recommend maintenance. If you do not come in for the maintenance procedures, then your infection will persist, and you have to come in for therapy once more.

The maintenance is done by our dentist to monitor and to control the infection until it is completely gone. Curing the infection is not possible by one visit, and even with the periodontal maintenance, the disease does not completely heal. The procedure is aimed at stabilizing the infection, so it does not continue to cause harm to your gums, and by extension, teeth. Our dentist will always guide you on gum infection maintenance, so you have to adhere to that.

Periodontal Maintenance Procedure

The maintenance practices involve our dentists thoroughly studying the area that was treated for any changes. This can include the infection getting worse or better, depending on how you respond to the therapy. It also involves cleaning using dental tools or in some cases, laser to manage the infection. All of these procedures are crucial so you should come for your appointment as directed by our dentist.

Other than that, our dentist will also do microbial irrigation to kill the bacteria in your mouth, which further assists in promoting healing. We will also give you some guidance on how you should take care of your mouth until the next visit. It is vital that you also follow these instructions for the sake of your teeth. As our dentist will tell you, not taking proper care of your mouth after treatment and maintenance intervals may lead to the infection worsening. As a result, you may lose some teeth, which you would not want.

Keeping Periodontal Disease Away

Our dentist will ensure that he informs you of when you should come into the clinic for the next visit. You will also be directed on how to handle any bleeding or pain that may occur so ensure that you pay attention. Once you complete all the maintenance visits, you should expect to have healthier gum and teeth. Also, remember that those who have suffered gum disease before are at the highest risk of suffering it again, so adhere to advice given by our dentists, including how often to return for check-ups.

Periodontal maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that gum disease does not continue to be a bother in your life. The constant monitoring and additional therapy are essential to have a healthy mouth. In case you are uncertain about anything, you can always ask our dentists who are ready to answer you. If you experience anything unexpected after the procedure, you can come into our offices for emergency services. Talk to us today on Advanced Family Dentistry at (765) 287-5338.

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Periodontal Maintenance | Advanced Family Dentistry - Muncie, IN
Gum disease can take time to treat, which is why we recommend coming in for regular periodontal maintenance until the infection is resolved.
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