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Diagram of tooth showing tooth root. Diagram provided by  Advanced Family Dentistry in Muncie, INTaking you through a root canal treatment is a simple matter for us here at Advanced Family Dentistry. This is a dental procedure that aims to save a badly decayed tooth or one that has an infection. Tooth infection can be as a result of some causes ranging from poor diet to lack of proper care for the tooth. The best option for this is often root canal therapy.

It is easy to ignore intermittent pain on a tooth, but this can easily become serious. Tooth pain is often a warning sign that something is not right with the dental structure. Since pains of this nature never permanently go away without an effective solution, it is important to visit our office dentist for a dental exam and guidance as to the next course of action.

Symptoms That Call For Root Canal Therapy

Symptoms that could point towards a need for root canal therapy include pain when one chews on food. In case each time you chew a morsel of meat there is excruciating pain, you definitely need to consider a root canal. Bumps or sores around the gum area could also point towards an infection that could be best solved by a root therapy. If for whatever reason your tooth is cracked, or gums get tender, you may be a likely candidate for the said procedure. Each time you sip a cold or hot drink and wince, or when you notice your teeth have an unusually dark color, even when you have not taken any colored food that could be a culprit, it is time to consider a root canal treatment.

A Root Canal Procedure

When you come to our clinic, and the recommendation is a root canal procedure, there should be no cause for worry. To understand the procedure, you should know the different parts of the tooth. A patient’s tooth is made up of enamel that is accentuated by dentin, which is a rather hard layer. Underneath them is a pulp, which is a soft tissue. It is wired by blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves, which assist in the growth of the root of tooth. When this pulp is damaged or affected, invasion by bacteria can lead to infection that causes pain.

To deal with the culprit tooth, our office dentist will likely require that digital radiography or x-ray be taken. This will determine if signs of infection are present. After that, anesthesia is applied to help numb the area and relax the patient. A hole is drilled into the tooth to remove any dirt and debris. Later, the tooth is sealed. In case the tooth requires more treatment, especially if the tooth was badly damaged, sealing could not be done on the same day. Instead, you will be requested to come later on for sealing. In the meantime, a temporary filling will used to cover the hole so that nothing contaminates it. We may also suggest a crown to help protect the tooth or veneers for aesthetics. Depending on the nature of your teeth, or your preference, our dentist may endorse a restoration.

Root canal procedures are fairly safe and almost painless. They are a good way to preserve the natural tooth. For more information in regards to root canals, get into contact with us at any time of your convenience, day or night at Advanced Family Dentistry at (765) 287-5338.

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Root canal therapy is a fairly safe and almost painless procedure. It is key to preserving the natural tooth. Call Advanced Family Dentistry to save your tooth!
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