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Rendering of removable partial dentureDentures are a removable frame that holds artificial teeth in place. At our Advanced Family Dentistry clinics, we highly recommend this as a minimally invasive solution for missing teeth. There are many reasons why tooth loss can take place including physical injury, periodontal disease, and aging. The quickest and simplest solution to filling major gaps is same-day dentures.

Also referred to as immediate dentures, they can be fitted as soon as a tooth, or teeth are removed. Once it has been determined that a tooth must be removed, we can start the process of customizing same-day dentures.

How They Work

Before fitting the dentures, you will need to have attended several appointments beforehand. These are to plan on how to extract the affected tooth or teeth and get impressions of the teeth, gums, and surrounding area for the building of the denture at our lab. Same-day dentures can be partial or complete. This means they may be used to replace a small section of teeth or the entire row.

If the dentures will be placed in such a way as to cover all or part of the space for back teeth, then extraction here will begin earlier. To ensure a better fit for the dentures, removing the back teeth earlier will help allow the area to heal first, and provide better support. Even though adjustments to the dentures will still need to be made in coming weeks as the gums heal, you can get better comfort and support when the back gums are already prepared for it.

Merits and Demerits of Same Day Dentures

One of the most obvious benefits that same day dentures have over more traditional options is that you can disguise having had dental restorative work done. Since the extraction of front-facing teeth is done when the dentures are already ready, it means you get to walk out of our office with a full smile.

Another upside is that with minimal time between the removal of teeth and fitting of the dentures, you are at minimal risk of having your bite shift. Misaligned teeth can create many problems including giving your teeth a crooked appearance, interfering with oral hygiene and allowing teeth to suffer uneven pressure when chewing. Large gaps can also affect facial appearance as soft tissue collapses inwards if not supported by teeth joined to the jawbone.

Same-day dentures also provide great protection for healing gums after an extraction. They prevent hard foods from scratching at the wound when eating, and food particles or bacteria getting in. You do not need to make any dietary changes during the healing period thanks to this barrier protection. Not having to endure missing teeth, particularly on the front side also means your speech patterns should remain the same.

On the downside, these dentures will require you to keep coming back to our clinic, severally for a few weeks until the gums fully heal and have shrunk. You may also have some sensitivity and irritation when using them during the early stages of healing.

To find out if you are a good candidate for same day dentures, or other dental implants including dentures complete and partials, do reach out to our team. Call us at Advanced Family Dentistry at (765) 287-5338 today, and we will help you find the right restorative treatment plan.

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Same day dentures are a minimally invasive solution for missing teeth. At our Advanced Family Dentistry clinics, we highly recommend this restorative treatment. Call us today!
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