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Woman with bruxism pain holding the sides of her mouth at Advanced Family Dentistry in Muncie, INIf you are not able to sleep at night because of teeth grinding, then you need to take care of your teeth. Getting tension in the teeth will cause harm to the teeth and you need to correct this issue. When you wear a nightguard you are protecting the teeth and even after grinding or clenching the teeth, they will be safe and protected. Our dental specialist at can explain to you the damage caused by grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep.

Prevention of Teeth Damage

When you wear a night mouth guard there will be no contact of the upper and lower teeth while you are asleep. Grinding of teeth causes damage to the teeth. First, it causes you to have loose enamel that leads to having sensitive teeth. If you have dental fillings, then grinding of teeth at night can make the fillings come off causing the cavity to be exposed. When the fillings are damaged then this means that you need to see the dentist. It is good to wear a nightguard to ensure that you are safe and protected from the risk of tooth chipping. The grinding of teeth can cause you to experience headaches, as well as neck and jaw pain. This can be solved by having and wearing a nightguard. It is important to prevent damage even before it happens.

Reduces Pain and Tension in Your Jaw

Many people who clench or grind their teeth while they sleep usually are not aware that they are doing it in the first place. They only wake up to realize that they have headaches or jaw pain. When you grind your teeth while sleeping, you might put extra strain on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This brings about temporomandibular disorders (TMD) resulting in jaw tension and pain.

A night guard can be the game-changer that you have always needed. It will stop you from clenching or grinding your teeth, and in the process prevent you from developing TMD. The night guard fits perfectly in your mouth, and you should not worry about it causing any irritation while you sleep. The night guard will stop the unnecessary pressure on your TMJ and jaw muscles while you are sleeping. In the long run, your jaw will relax.

It Prevents Headaches

A night guard is important if you want to put a stop to the persistent headaches when you wake up. It will help you enjoy healthy sleep patterns and also stop the clenching that contributes to headaches. You should talk to our dentist to help you with your bruxism disorder and get effective treatment.

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Come to if you want to find long-lasting treatment for your bruxism. We have an efficient treatment procedure that ensures that you get a personalized night guard that fits specifically to your teeth and mouth. You can reach us at to schedule an appointment.

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Come to if you want to find long-lasting treatment for your bruxism. We have an efficient treatment procedure that ensures that you get a personalized night guard.
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