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Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment at Advanced Family Dentistry in Muncie, INThe team at Advanced Family Dentistry, can help you achieve a beautiful smile with our innovative teeth whitening procedure. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. Thanks to cosmetic teeth whitening, you can increase your self-confidence and ensure that your smile is as white and beautiful as possible. Over-the-counter whitening products can’t compare to powerful professional teeth whitening solutions with their latest formulas. You can count on our professional knowledge to whiten your teeth safely and effectively. We’ve got access to the latest technology that other whitening products can’t match.

Forms of Teeth Whitening

There are various types of teeth whitening you can try. Most people start by using a teeth whitening toothpaste. This can help make your teeth brighter, but it’s usually not enough to brighten teeth. We recommend brushing with whitening toothpaste as part of your overall teeth whitening process but not brushing alone. After our professional whitening, you can use the toothpaste to maintain the brightness of your teeth.

Many people try over-the-counter products like whitening strips or trays. These treatments don’t work as effectively as professional teeth whitening solutions. Like most items, what you get from the store just isn’t as effective as what you will get from a doctor. Moreover, store-bought whitening trays are created for all sorts of teeth, not just your teeth. This means your teeth can get loose, and the product may cause gum irritation.

Our Teeth Whitening Process

We begin by measuring your original shade of teeth and writing it down. To achieve the total whitening effect, we recommend getting started with a cleaning to get rid of surface stains and tartar and plaque buildup that interfere with our whitening gel. After applying this gel, we begin the whitening procedure. We’ll protect the gums with a desensitizing gel and barrier applied to each tooth, followed by our whitening gel. We’ll apply, remove, and then re-apply the gel until we get the whitest shade possible. Then we’ll record your last shade and apply some remineralizing gel to prevent future discomfort.

The procedure itself shouldn’t cause you any pain and is quite easy to finish. Before we start, we recommend that you schedule a dental examination with our dental practice. We’ll then examine your gums and teeth to make sure they’re healthy enough to handle teeth whitening. This ensures that any infections or cavities present are treated first.

Perfect Teeth Whitening Candidates

If you wish to brighten your smile, please let us examine your teeth. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for whitening. For example, in cases of pitted teeth and serious discoloration, veneers may be suitable than whitening. Also, fillings, bridges, and crowns don’t whiten, so it might be necessary to get a new dental treatment that matches the color of your newly bleached teeth. The only accurate way to examine your teeth may be through an x-ray.

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Teeth Whitening | Advanced Family Dentistry - Muncie, IN
The team at Advanced Family Dentistry can help you achieve a beautiful smile with our innovative teeth whitening procedure.
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