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Tooth Extraction
Muncie, IN

Woman at Advanced Family Dentistry in Muncie, IN holding cheek due to tooth acheYou can come to Advanced Family Dentistry if you believe there is a need for tooth extraction. Extraction means that we pull the tooth out of your gum. It is usually a last resort option whenever the tooth has decayed beyond what any treatment can handle. In some cases, it may be due to a failed root canal, gum disease, failure of baby teeth to fall out, crowding, and wisdom teeth. Extraction of a fully erupted tooth is normally quite easy and will usually take our dentist a couple of minutes.

Many patients fear extraction due to pain, but there is no reason to since you will receive anesthesia so you will not feel a thing. Many extractions are simple and do not require much effort. There are, however, others that can be serious enough to warrant surgical intervention. This is usually the case if the tooth broke off at the gum, hence our dentists cannot reach it. In such a case, minor surgery is required by cutting your gum to access the tooth.

Extraction of a Tooth

Before a removal, our dentist will request you get an x-ray first. This allows him to see your tooth, including the nerves and roots. This is an essential step to determine whether it will be a simple extraction or not. If your tooth is infected, we would first require you to take a round of antibiotics to take care of the problem. If the tooth is painful, you will also get some pain relievers. Once you are done with these, the extraction can commence.

Our dentists always use anesthesia for extraction, as otherwise, it will be incredibly painful for you. The anesthesia may be in the form of an IV line or injection, and in some cases, it will be general. Once your mouth is numb, our dentist will pull out the tooth. This involves using a tool to loosen the tooth so you may feel some pulling but no pain. Once the tooth is loose, the dentist will then get it out, and you are done.

Pain and Healing

We will give you instructions for caring for your mouth after the procedure, and it is vital to follow this strictly. You can expect some blood, but this should end quickly after the area clots. We will also give you medication such as antibiotics and something for the pain, which is normal after this procedure.

If the extraction went smoothly, you should ultimately be pain-free after a couple of days. Healing usually takes a short period, so everything will normalize in a few days or weeks. However, there are instances where there may be complications such as an infection or some residue. You can tell that everything is not right if you are still in pain a week after the extraction. In this case, you should come back to the clinic so you can receive dental care immediately.

Give Us a Call with Questions

If you are uncertain of anything, you can always call our dentists, and they will explain it to you. If you have any queries concerning extraction, call us at Advanced Family Dentistry at (765) 287-5338, and we will be glad to help.

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You can come to Advanced Family Dentistry if you believe there is a need for tooth extraction. It is usually a last resort option whenever the tooth has decayed beyond what any treatment can handle.
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